Customers – Who They Are
The most important customers of the software company are the producers of computers that bundle the operating system with their physical offering, as well as the smaller group of final customers that buy the operating system separately from the physical computer. The computer companies are not a separate customer group from final users, the computer companies have no use for the software other than when it is bundled with their product.

Engagement – Value Creation Proposition
The operating system of a software company is of necessity a very standard offer, and there is a transactional relationship with both the intermediate and final user-customer.

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A dyadic transactional relationship where your good or service can be designed and delivered without prior interactions with the customer.

Delivery –  Value Chain
When writing the software, the software house will typically take into account the capacities of personal computers when designing their systems, but there is no “bespoke tailoring” of the offer for the final user-customer.

Monetization – Value Capture
The cash flow of the software provider will be determined by the volume of programme packages it sells, whose prices will be set regionally or nationally, and rarely alter according to the intensity of use by the final customer.