Mission Statement

We want the Business Model Zoo to be a valuable and reliable source of knowledge for:

  • For academics, that have to teach about business models
  • For students, that want to learn about the business model concept and how it can be applied
  • For entrepreneurs, who are looking for ways to understand what is a business model and to assist them in creating better businesses
  • For business people wanting to understand what is their current business model, the risks those business models face and the opportunities for exploring newer more effective business models.

We seek to achieve our purpose by providing clear definitions for the business model concept, explaining a reliable and intellectually robust typology of business models, and explaining how these business models can be mobilized and applied into real-world situations. And to provide resources in terms of ideas, mini cases, and descriptions of real business models in action drawn from successful unicorn companies based across the globe.

Our purpose has been achieved through multiple international partners that include:

  • The Business School (Cass), City, University of London
  • The Mack Institute, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Research Council, UK – EPSRC
  • Many academics drawn from all the top world leading business schools including: Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School, Hass – Berkeley, London Business School, Imperial College, London School of Economics, Said – Oxford, Judge – Cambridge, HEC – France, Grenoble – France, Erasmus Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Bocconi University, Bologna University, and more.

Our websites are used by top ranked business schools, major corporations, and not-for-profit institutions from across the globe.


The Business Model Project

The Business Model Project Summary is a multi-year project led by Charles Baden-Fuller from City, University of London. Read more about the history of the project, its partners, its supporters and its academic and practical outputs here.



This website is part of the Building Better Business Models project led by Charles Baden-Fuller and supported by the EPSRC (EP/K039695/1), with matching funding from Cass Business School, City University London, and the Mack Institute, Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. The material on this site is constructed by and copyright © C. Baden-Fuller; S. Haefliger; A. Giudici, Cass Business School, City, University of London, 2015, last revised 2021.


The Team

Charles Baden-Fuller — Zoo Owner
Centenary Professor of Strategy, Cass Business School
Strategic Management Society Fellow; Senior Fellow, Wharton School.

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Stefan Haefliger — Zoo Director
Professor of Strategic Management & Innovation, Cass Business School
Strategic Management Society Fellow.

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Alessandro Giudici — Zoo Manager
Senior Lecturer in Management, Cass Business School

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