The magazine creates a relationship with two sets of customers – the advertisers and the readers, and it also has to ensure that the presence of advertising adds value to its readers.

Customers – Who They Are
There are two sets of customers: advertisers and readers, that are connected with each other.

Engagement – Value Creation Proposition
Taking each group in turn: the magazine allows the advertisers to connect with the magazine’s readers by placing advertisements where readers will see them; and for readers the magazine provides editorial and other curated content of interest to the readers, that includes the advertisements and the connections that the advertisers bring.

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You identify two or more different customer groups; and after interacting with each you design and deliver your goods or services in a manner that connects the two parties.

Delivery –  Value Chain
The principal inputs to a magazine are the editorial content produced by the magazine staff or their subcontractors, and the advertising copy that is produced by the advertisers. Note, in this case of a physically produced magazine, the opportunities for tailoring the linkage between advertising and readers is limited.

Monetization – Value Capture
The real value of a multi-sided business model for a magazine is the opportunity to gain an additional source of revenues (from advertisers) beyond the readers subscription/purchase price; and the opportunity to use some of these additional revenues to subsidize the price that readers pay, thereby increasing the reach of the magazine and its content.